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Pelgrim, M. H., Buchsbaum, D. (in press) Categorizing Dogs’ Real World Visual Statistics. Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. . 

ManyDogs Project, Espinosa, J., Bray, E. E., Buchsbaum, D., Byosiere, S. Byrne M, Freeman, M. S., Gnanadesikan, G. E., Guran, A., Horschler, D. J., Huber, L., Johnston, A. M., MacLean, E. L., Pelgrim, M. H., Santos, L., Silver, Z. A., Stevens, J. R., Völter, C. J., & Zipperling L. (pre-registered report accepted in principle). ManyDogs 1: A multi-lab replication study of dogs’ pointing comprehension. Animal Behavior and Cognition

Pelgrim, M. H., Espinosa, J., Tecwyn, E.C., Marton, S. M., Johnston, A.M., Buchsbaum, D. (2021) What’s the point? Domestic Dogs’ understanding of the accuracy of human social informants. Animal Cognition. Online |PDF

Unpublished Work

Pelgrim, M.H., Espinosa, J., & Buchsbaum, D. (under revision) Head-Mounted Mobile Eye-tracking in the Domestic Dog: A New Method

Espinosa, J., Corbit, L., McGinn, K., Pelgrim, M. H., & Buchsbaum, D. (in prep). Domestic dogs‘ sensitivity to the temporal priority principle.

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